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Spinning Plant for wool, acrylic, cotton & blends.
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MachineSpinning Plant for wool, acrylic, cotton & blends.
Description1. Japanese Model OKK Rover, 64 spindles, 1999 refurbished 2012. 2. Saurer Allma, 192 spindles, Computer model DH, 1999 refurbished 2012. 3. Nakamura Allma, 48 spindles, Model 3-36 Computer model DH, 1999 refurbished 2012. 4. Korean High speed bobbin winder, 12 spindles, Model DBW 100. 5. Japanese Middle bobbin winder, 24 spindles. 6. Korean Winder, 20 spindles. 7. German Hank Machine, 60 spindles. 8. German Speed mix, Model OKK HM-6, 1986. 9. Japanese Autoleveller Model OKK HL, 1976. 10. Japanese High Speed Gill, Model HG-5, 1979. 11. Japanese BI Coiler, Model OKK HG, 1973. 12. Packing machine ** machines were refurbished with new parts for manufacturing different type of yarns Main products -Wool -Wool mixed spinning -Acrylic mixed spinning -Cotton mixed spinning ( cotton 20%) Normal yarn Fancy yarn Scope : including auxiliaries ( compressor etc) and spare parts Test run is possible upon request by customer
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